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At Curated by Kim, our mission is to help you plan your fusion, Indian, or Multi-Cultural wedding that’s a reflection of who you are as a couple, your vibe and your
love. We’ll ensure that your wedding day is a stress-free extravaganza from our first meeting until your honeymoon send-off.

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So, what's your love story?

If you're anything like me, you've dreamed of this moment! The man. The dress. The pomp and circumstance. The difference between you and I…I decided to do it myself and let's just say "my special day" that should've been filled with vivid memories, laughter, and love; became more of a chore than the celebration I'd envisioned it being. Hence, the reason I decided to become a CT wedding planner! Well, that and the fact that I LIVE for planning a dope event that has everyone swooning over the details.  With over 7 years of experience as a cultural wedding planner, I understand how vital honoring traditions are to you and your family. Everything from the food to the ceremony and cultural garments has meaning. So, while everyone else is enjoying the Baraat or swag surfin' at the reception- amongst the vibrant colors, monogrammed dance floors and between multiple outfit changes; I'm behind the scenes making ish happen. That's where the bossy girl from Hartford, Connecticut, truly gets to shine. Using my candor, logistical prowess and grace under pressure, I've been able to cultivate unforgettable experiences for couples and I'm honored to have played a small role in each of their lives. After all, the journey to "I do" is about building a relationship that lasts, not seating charts and wedding processions. Allow me to handle the details!

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Getting lost in creativity while planning events that folks will swoon over brings me such joy! The planning, design and strategy...I love it all!

My Gifts Sustain Me

Did I mention that I married the man of my dreams? Well, I did and he and our children are my happy place. 

Family is Everything: 

My faith plays an integral role in my life! Everything I’ve accomplished and everything I’ll do in the future is because of God’s grace and I’m forever grateful. 

God First : 

We Believe in Love, Marriage & Hosting A Dope Party to Celebrate It All!

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