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The Budget & the Beautiful Ep. 3 “I Love it, but do I really need it”

April 25, 2021

Hey girl, Welcome back! One of the toughest challenges that couples face when budgeting for their wedding, is accessing the value. Your need and want for an item or experience and how much money you will pay for it, represent the value that it has, for you. Wedding planning (the weeds of it all), is […]

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The Budget & The Beautiful: Episode 2 “Everyone Can’t Come”

March 23, 2021

Ever wonder how get your wedding budget under control? Look at the guest list.

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The Budget & The Beautiful: Episode 1 “How much did you say that costs again?”

March 15, 2021

Budget is such a dirty word when planning a wedding, but sis we all have one! Come on over to our new series “The Budget & The Beautiful” to discover what things REALLY cost. Welcome!

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