1. Lauren says:

    Yes! Stop and hire Curated by Kim to plan your NY, NJ, CT and beyond wedding. Great advice on what to expect when planning your wedding budget.

  2. Dashona Lamar says:


    Love the way you simplified what to expect when planning your wedding budget. Many of us just don’t know where to start and what things should cost. Hire Curated by Kim to plan the wedding of your dreams.

  3. Shannel says:

    Great advice! Wedding budgets are essential and knowing how/where to spend the money is key!

  4. Lulu says:

    Great advice for newly engaged couples on planning a wedding and working with a budget.

  5. Tanisha says:

    Yes, yes, yes. Such great and transparent advice regarding wedding planning budgets. I love the real life example too.

  6. Brittani of BOLD Creatives says:

    Transparency on cost is so necessary, but you tickled me with The Budget and The Beautiful! Great post.

  7. Shamica s. says:

    Great candid advice on planning a wedding on a budget. For most couples, it is their first time so being transparent with them will help them have their dream wedding within their means.

  8. Jasmine says:

    Great advice for couples. Budgets are vital.

  9. Gineen Cargo says:

    Your advice and recommendations are spot on! Thanks for the amazing insight on how to get together those budgets!

  10. Shaunda says:

    YES we talking about dollars and cents – my favorite topic! Love it!!!!

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